Alagna in summer

In Alagna you will find numerous opportunities to practise sport, enjoy leisure activities or just relax.

You can wander along the lanes and through the hamlets of Alagna and you will find yourself immersed in the ancient atmosphere of the Walser Community, which welcomes you to its hamlets with all its traditions, festivities and ancient crafts.

In summer you have an infinite choice of walks and excursions.

From the leisurely stroll down the banks of the river Sesia to Riva Valdobbia, in the Upper Sesia National Park, to the steep climbs to the mountain huts in the neighbouring valleys and the tough ascents to the glaciers of Monte Rosa.

Alagna is also the gateway to the Upper Valsesia National Park, one of the most important protected areas in Italy and the highest National Park in Europe. Inside the Park the visitors’ centres can give you plenty of information on the typical flora and fauna of Monte Rosa.


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